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Depending on the part of the world you live in, stress can come in many different forms ranging from the threat of armed conflict in parts of the developing world to the thoughts of a difficult day in the office in more advanced economies. According to a recent Gallop Poll, in 2018 even as the […]

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Meditation: The science, health benefits and the practical tools to help you get started. — Brain Mechanics Blog


Key Points: A growing body of research supports the immediate benefits of meditation, such as reduced stress and anxiety levels, lower blood pressure, and enhanced happiness. Other benefits include improved attention, memory, processing speed, and creativity. Meditation may also help counteract age-related loss of brain volume and increase telomere length. By Meditating for 20 […]

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To Peer or Not to Peer

An excellent perspective on working with your network to cultivate energy towards a common goal!

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People are really good at networking. This is a survival skill – we know it since the times humans overgrown other animals in ability to cooperate, and leverage strength of others to advantage of all.

That said, world of capitalism prefers society to be atomized, broken to a lot of tiny shards of human being – each locked into a scary, boring capsule of “free personality”. This is good for business – fear is a #1 way of selling anything, lack of cooperation is great to keep majority uninformed on the problems discovered by some. A business can sell a lot of useless junk for a good money, before population in general figures it out.

And people feel that, and reject that. People suffer from anxiety, fear, uncertainty. They hate being tricked by fine print and chased by fake sales pitches. They desperately suffer from consequences of that imposed lifetime…

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This introduction is from CEO, Karim Delgado, to Brain Mechanics Foundation.  A beautiful company formed by a humbling mission and some very awesome people.  Please read on and follow their cause, as it will change the world for the better.


I want to officially introduce you to this beautiful, humbling, roller coaster ride that I’ve have been honored to be a part of for the past few years. 6 years ago my Father passed away from Alzheimer’s Disease and I made him promise to find a solution to this horrible disease. Having a health & […]

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Today I Found My Purpose

This photo, not the best clarity,but I took this photo as I observed this beautiful moment of how the light, the energy of our magnificent star, the sun displays its brilliance through the cloud formations, through the atmospheric layers that alter its path towards the Earth.

This morning when reflecting upon this photo and a previous conversation with my wife about “purpose”, I somehow connected the dots between the two, to come to a fairly profound conclusion.  You see, I’ve often asked myself, probably like many of you, “Matt, what is your purpose?”.  The standard answer to myself,  “To do good for the world”, “to make the world a better place”. Man, I have to be honest, for years it has felt like a pretty tall order!  Honestly, there were times in my life that I have allowed this desired “purpose” to frustrate and overwhelm my mind!! (Rather counter-intuitive).

Over the past couple of years, I have been working on a project with some pretty extraordinary folks, with that same purpose in mind, “making the world a better place”. Hey!!! I’m fulfilling my purpose….right???  Yet, for some reason there were moments I still had that frustrated and overwhelmed feeling. (Creatures of habit we are) 😁.

Through the years I have come to understand, no, I have come to experience that everything in life is about flow. From within our bodies, to social and economic structures, natural and ecological systems, universal systems, all the way down to the sub-atomic nature of all things. The underlying foundation of all things is the flow (or lack thereof) of that particular system. Let’s face it, when we inhibit the flow of anything, we place a limitation which in turn causes an expansion of that area.  Ultimately producing some sort of agitation.

For example, if we inhibit the flow of the gastrointestinal system,  the walls of that system expand and, well, we’ve all experienced the agitation of gastro discomfort…!!

Okay, so what does any of this have to do with Purpose? Well, as I gazed upon this photo, I observed the beauty of the light shining through and around the clouds! This magnificent flow of energy making its grand show of power, as it broke beyond the limitations of the clouds, offering life to this Earth! The light of the sun doesn’t have a “goal” of giving life to this planet, its “goal” or better said, its “purpose” is to just keep on shining, to keep on sending its energy, it’s power, it’s force……it’s flow to all things… every thing that it meets!!

In a similar way, I have come to experience that this same energy shines within me….within all of us….it’s just covered with layers of clouds….layers of limitation. I realized that the feeling I get when I am just doing a task, a deed, engaging in an experience….in a selfless manner….no strings attached….img_9826-e1536592843918.jpgis that same light, that same energy shining through!  I’ve just opened up a spot in those layers of clouds and let that light flow through!!! This….in my mind… the perfect illustration of VOLITION and its significance!

I came to realize, my “goal”, “my Purpose” is not to make the world a better place!!! Just like “the goal” or “the purpose” of the sun, is not to give life to this planet! My purpose is the VOLITION that defines my action. It is the VOLITION that allows that flow of magnificent energy to shine through. Through this VOLITION….I am offering (as you can too) to all those around me….to all things I do…..and to all things that I am working on….the glimmer of that light….the instance of flow….that will give life to the project… the experience….to the person that it touches…just as sun and its energy gives life to this Earth.

Let your VOLITION allow the light within shine through!! It’s a beautiful experience….I promise you….I am sure every one of you have experienced this feeling….this light shining through!!  Yet, just like the clarity in that first picture, you just didn’t know it…it wasn’t fully clear ….the foundation of its source!! Let VOLITION give you the clarity to see the source….feel the flow….to give you PURPOSE…and experience the true nature of your self!!!

May you all be peaceful….may you all be happy….and thank you for taking the time to engage in this experience I have shared. Much Love to you all!!



A Battle for Peace

***The following audio clip is a complete reading of “A Battle for Peace”.  This is something new I am trying, to offer an alternative to reading, please comment and let me know what you think.***

The other day I had a Facebook interaction with an old friend, concerning a conspiracy theory being pushed around the internet waves.  There are so many battles being waged between mankind. Conservative v/s Liberal, Black v/s White, gun control v/s no gun control, Radical v/s the world, privileged v/s non-privileged, parent v/s kid, good v/s evil. There really is no end to the list, it is a world in Chaos.  As we went back and forth, the most intense battle that was occurring, was the struggle inside of me and the thoughts that rushed through my mind (meditation is good). dscf0137At that point it occurred to me that there is only one true battle that can be won, that can offer long-term peace. That is the internal battle for peace, peace of mind.

The human animal is a funny breed.  We are a creature of habit, we tend to fight the same battles, chase the same desires, deflect the same fears, ( all similar at their root), yet we continue to fight them …over… and over again.  It is a cycle that has existed since we joined the world community.  With this understanding, during this moment of clarity, I realized that to fight the external is a lesson in long-term futility, it was unbelievably liberating.  Mankind has fought many battles over our existence here on Earth, and of course history illustrates the pinnacle of battle in the form of war.  Yet based on our habitual nature, they are all very small, insignificant victories.  As has been observed in our very short span of time on this planet, particularly, the 10000 or so years of “civilization” (1 millionth of a blink of an eye in universal time) so many wars have been waged, so many civilizations have grown and fallen, and the cycle happens again and again.  Do we experience varied times of “peace” on the planet as a result?  Somewhat I suppose, but as observed, the cycle, the battle, will soon start again.

dsc_0516I thought to myself, why? Why do we not learn from our mistakes, why do we not recognize this habit, or better stated, why can we not seem to break the cycle?  At that point, the experiences I’ve had with observing my own microcosm within, through self observation between my internal self and interaction with external catalyst, offered a clarity I had only experienced in the depths of meditation.  I realized that the reason the cycle cannot be broken, is that we externalize our problems.  We look for the external source of our issues, and find ways to battle those issues, in an effort to find some sort of peace (Whether it be peace amongst a people, the peace in the security one finds through power, the peace one finds through wealth and prosperity), regardless, it is not a lasting peace.  No matter the outcome of those benefiting from “winning” the battle, “winning” the war, it will never offer long-term peace, and eventually the cycle will happen once again.

Once I was able to get my arms around this thought, I must tell you, it was as if a giant rock had fallen off my shoulders.  Even with the wisdom and practice I have cultivated in this lifetime, I still externalize many of the agitations that go on in my life. Considering the advent of technology and access to information and interaction with so many external forces, it’s a daunting task not to.dsc_0872  So, with the understanding that, there is really very little that I can do (externally) to keep the cycle from happening again, it was as if I let go of all the ambitions I had for making the world a better place.  I let go of the “battle” I was having with the chaos in this world.  I let go of all the expectations I had for our kind to do “better”!  The external “small battles” I had “won” in the past that offered a glimmer of hope, a moment of achievement, a feeling of “peace”, they were all short-term victories that offered the illusion of accomplishment and the incentive to keep up the fight. Yet with this new understanding,  I was able to let go of the fight!  (Sounds so anti-climactic…but give me a minute).

You see, to externalize an issue, to find fault and definition to the chaos in the world, to the chaos in your life, is a futile battle.  As long as I, as we, externalize the issues, the issues will happen over and over again.  It is our nature, and it has very deep roots.  We may find small moments of peace, but they cannot last, as long as we have external expectations, look to external sources for cause.   For,there is only one true battle, at least one true battle that can be won, that can offer long-term peace, it is the internal battle within oneself.dsc_0884  The battle to find inner peace amongst the chaos, the battle to take personal responsibility for your agitation, the battle to recognize that you are a creature of habit, and only you can overcome the habits that cause the agitation within, the reaction to the external forces, for it is this habit of reaction that is the source of your agitation, not the external force.  Let go of all those external expectations, those perceived external issues. This is the only true path to finding peace within and ultimately the only true path towards world peace.

Does this mean give up on your cause?  Of course not, just give up on the external battle.  Your cause does not need to be a battle, it should be a way of living.  Yet if you feel agitation, remember, the battle is within.  I do hope for lasting world peace one day, but there is only one place that can ever be achieved…..from within.

dsc_0430May you find the wisdom within to let go of all your fears.  May you find the light within and share it with all that cross your path. And…May you find the truth within to guide you towards true peace, true happiness and may you offer this gift to the world.

I offer you all the greatest gift I can give…..and that is LOVE.

Letting Go!… It Sounds Easy Enough….Right?

I had a conversation today with a good friend about letting go, and thought I would repost this! Happy Friday my friends!!!

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dandilion The other day, while giving a little instruction to a meditation student of mine…well she also happens to be my wife,  a way of illustrating one of the goals in meditation, came about.   I was attempting to describe the process of letting go.  Letting go of what, you ask?  Well, I continued on, that during meditation, we attempt to keep our mind focused on something observable, moment to moment.  In this case, it is the breath, the natural breath going in and out of the nose, you know, respiration.  So, while doing this exercise, this meditation, the mind will wander.  It will follow the various thoughts and sensory experiences that it deems important.  As this wandering occurs, it is our job to recognize this, as objectively (with a smile and a no big deal) as possible and then re-focus our attention back on the breath.   It sounds easy enough, right? …

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How Heavy Do You Travel?

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Summer_rentalHow Heavy Do You Travel?

Have you ever seen that Corona commercial, where the couple is sitting on a pair of chaise lounges, enjoying a nice, relaxing day at the beach, with nothing but a chair and an ice cold corona with lime.  Cue the family walking by, lugging all sort of beach stuff around, the guy looking stressed and disorganized.  I’ve always found that commercial amusing. Well, its a fitting segway for today’s little muse.

I was having a discussion not too long ago, with someone about, well, stress.  You see, she had a plethora of things going on in her life  and was struggling with it all.  Through this journey, I have come to see life a little differently and went on to describe my observation.  The point I expressed went something like this.  This body of ours is like a piece of luggage.  Throughout life, we pack all of the things we mentally give importance…

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Theory of Limitation….the bridge between God and Science

I’ve decided to update this entry due to the interest in its content, make it a little more pleasant read. Much happiness to all.

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A friend shared this quote today from Mr. Einstein…”A human being is a part of the whole, called by us “Universe,” a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings as something separate from the rest—a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. The striving to free oneself from this delusion is the one issue of true religion. Not to nourish it but to try to overcome it is the way to reach the attainable measure of peace of mind.”

We often refer to Mr. Einstein as brilliant, a genious, yet even more impressive was his level of wisdom.  This illustrated of course in this quote, but specifically for the purpose of this post,  “the universe, a part limited in time and space.”  Ah, limitation,  something I have been thinking a lot about lately.   A few weeks ago while sitting in meditation,  I became attached to a…

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Show Up and Make Something Good Happen!

As another year of school starts, I hope to tell my daughter…Go Out and Make Something Good Happen! Isn’t that really the point….We educate ourselves…we learn all these different things throughout our lives…..but if we don’t use them to “Make Something Good Happen”….Whats the point??? Be Happy All!!!

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MadreTeresaCalcutaconpobres-485x363The other day I attended the funeral of my best friend from childhood’s Mother.  Her name was Carolyn.  She was quite the woman, having an impact on so many lives during her time here on Earth.  Now, when I was young, I looked upon Carolyn with different eyes or at least a different set of values.  The manner in which she approached everyday life appeared, well, kind of calloused and very non-nuturing.  Of course,  that’s coming from her son’s best friend, who was on the outside looking in, but it was always Mark do this, Mark do that….right before we were ready to go out on the boat…Mark, you have to (and a list of 5 things would spout out)…I mean really, it was quite the inconvenience.  You see, as is with most young folks, when the plan didn’t go as expected, well darn it, we didn’t like it.  Let’s just say, the…

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