To Peer or Not to Peer

An excellent perspective on working with your network to cultivate energy towards a common goal!

Brain Mechanics Blog

People are really good at networking. This is a survival skill – we know it since the times humans overgrown other animals in ability to cooperate, and leverage strength of others to advantage of all.

That said, world of capitalism prefers society to be atomized, broken to a lot of tiny shards of human being – each locked into a scary, boring capsule of “free personality”. This is good for business – fear is a #1 way of selling anything, lack of cooperation is great to keep majority uninformed on the problems discovered by some. A business can sell a lot of useless junk for a good money, before population in general figures it out.

And people feel that, and reject that. People suffer from anxiety, fear, uncertainty. They hate being tricked by fine print and chased by fake sales pitches. They desperately suffer from consequences of that imposed lifetime…

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