I have experienced many highs and many lows in this life, much like every living being has experienced. I long searched outside myself for answers and solutions, yet it wasn’t until I turned my search inward, that I found the truth. I would like to share some of my experiences on this journey, some of the lessons I have learned, some of the wisdom I have gained, in an effort to offer the reader a possible blueprint of the successes (and failures) that I have been fortunate to have as part of this journey.

Mind of Matter –  a name I have chosen for this blog, for it is the mind, enchanted by this collection of matter, for which we live our entire lives trying to define. Yet if you truly {and objectively} take a journey within, you will start to understand that the I, the me, you have become, is very different than your true self.

I welcome you on this journey of self exploration and look forward to finding our true selves together. Much Peace and happiness to you all.

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