Today I Found My Purpose

This photo, not the best clarity,but I took this photo as I observed this beautiful moment of how the light, the energy of our magnificent star, the sun displays its brilliance through the cloud formations, through the atmospheric layers that alter its path towards the Earth.

This morning when reflecting upon this photo and a previous conversation with my wife about “purpose”, I somehow connected the dots between the two, to come to a fairly profound conclusion.  You see, I’ve often asked myself, probably like many of you, “Matt, what is your purpose?”.  The standard answer to myself,  “To do good for the world”, “to make the world a better place”. Man, I have to be honest, for years it has felt like a pretty tall order!  Honestly, there were times in my life that I have allowed this desired “purpose” to frustrate and overwhelm my mind!! (Rather counter-intuitive).

Over the past couple of years, I have been working on a project with some pretty extraordinary folks, with that same purpose in mind, “making the world a better place”. Hey!!! I’m fulfilling my purpose….right???  Yet, for some reason there were moments I still had that frustrated and overwhelmed feeling. (Creatures of habit we are) 😁.

Through the years I have come to understand, no, I have come to experience that everything in life is about flow. From within our bodies, to social and economic structures, natural and ecological systems, universal systems, all the way down to the sub-atomic nature of all things. The underlying foundation of all things is the flow (or lack thereof) of that particular system. Let’s face it, when we inhibit the flow of anything, we place a limitation which in turn causes an expansion of that area.  Ultimately producing some sort of agitation.

For example, if we inhibit the flow of the gastrointestinal system,  the walls of that system expand and, well, we’ve all experienced the agitation of gastro discomfort…!!

Okay, so what does any of this have to do with Purpose? Well, as I gazed upon this photo, I observed the beauty of the light shining through and around the clouds! This magnificent flow of energy making its grand show of power, as it broke beyond the limitations of the clouds, offering life to this Earth! The light of the sun doesn’t have a “goal” of giving life to this planet, its “goal” or better said, its “purpose” is to just keep on shining, to keep on sending its energy, it’s power, it’s force……it’s flow to all things… every thing that it meets!!

In a similar way, I have come to experience that this same energy shines within me….within all of us….it’s just covered with layers of clouds….layers of limitation. I realized that the feeling I get when I am just doing a task, a deed, engaging in an experience….in a selfless manner….no strings attached….img_9826-e1536592843918.jpgis that same light, that same energy shining through!  I’ve just opened up a spot in those layers of clouds and let that light flow through!!! This….in my mind… the perfect illustration of VOLITION and its significance!

I came to realize, my “goal”, “my Purpose” is not to make the world a better place!!! Just like “the goal” or “the purpose” of the sun, is not to give life to this planet! My purpose is the VOLITION that defines my action. It is the VOLITION that allows that flow of magnificent energy to shine through. Through this VOLITION….I am offering (as you can too) to all those around me….to all things I do…..and to all things that I am working on….the glimmer of that light….the instance of flow….that will give life to the project… the experience….to the person that it touches…just as sun and its energy gives life to this Earth.

Let your VOLITION allow the light within shine through!! It’s a beautiful experience….I promise you….I am sure every one of you have experienced this feeling….this light shining through!!  Yet, just like the clarity in that first picture, you just didn’t know it…it wasn’t fully clear ….the foundation of its source!! Let VOLITION give you the clarity to see the source….feel the flow….to give you PURPOSE…and experience the true nature of your self!!!

May you all be peaceful….may you all be happy….and thank you for taking the time to engage in this experience I have shared. Much Love to you all!!