What is a scientist?

I think this face is familiar with  most of you reading this, but just in case…it’s Albert Einstein…you know…E=mc2…(squared..my keyboard mechanics aren’t quite there yet..but I’m getting there)….. no?…. well.. whatever…he was a brilliant scientist that helped make the universe a more familiar place to the world at large.  An amazing specimen of humanity for sure, whose brilliance in making observations of the universe and its works, created the foundation for quantum theory…which is what is fueling a revolution in thought and understanding today.  Alright…I know…I know…I better ease up a bit…but really… the guy was a genius.  Anyways, there is a very important part of that intro that will become an integral part of this experiment.  Don’t worry, its much less complex than you think, and I will get to it in a bit.

So what makes a genius?  The typical definition really gives no insight as to what exactly makes a genius.  The Dictionary.com version goes like this…an exceptional natural capacity of intellect, especially as shown in creative and original work in science, art, music…hmm…a natural capacity of intellect…so..as a genius…one has some predisposed wiring in the noggin that enables one to see and do things differently than the typical mind.  So, what is different about that guy/gal and the next joe/jill that comes walking by?  Well, since conducting this experiment, I have come to understand genius as the ability to limit ….limitation.  What exactly does that mean?  Well, let’s take a look, in simplest of terms, at Mr. Einstein…he discovered things that had never even been thought about let alone discovered.  To do such a thing, there can be very little limitation with respect to the mind and its way of perceiving reality.  If Einstein allowed pre conceived concepts and opinions and even what was considered “truth’s” weigh upon his processes…his observations…his work…he likely would have not come to the same findings.   Think of the limitations in your life…and I mean really….down to their most simple form…..I SAID.. down to their MOST SIMPLE form…try your best to do so….see what you come up with….you may find the complexity of your limitations …..well..really aren’t that complex at all….(I’ll be discussing more on this in a later post)…but this brings me to  what I wanted you to get out of the intro…

Remember what i said about Einstein….”who’s brilliance in making observations of the universe and its works,”….well what is the most important part of being a scientist?  The ability to make observation. To take it a step further….make objective observation.  Conducting an experiment in a subjective manner…well is not an experiment at all….really…its a sales pitch…and experiment cannot be bound by expectation, by manipulation, by desire for a specific outcome, desire for an ultimate compensation (whether it be fame or fortune)……a real experiement is conducted in  a completely objective manner …for this is the only way one can observe the true nature of that which is being experimented upon.

So the first step in your experiment of “who am I?”…you must become a scientist.  You must observe yourself…..OBJECTIVELY!!!…I cannot stress how important this is.  No judgement…no manipulation…no interjection….just observe yourself.  Become third person….the “I” must be in the petri dish (that is the small dish you used to use in biology class in high school with yogurt or something to watch bacteria grow.) and you must be the scientist “OBJECTIVELY OBSERVING” as you meander through your day.  For some, this may be hard to comprehend, but to really find out “who I am” this is something you must learn to do.  I promise to go into it further…(and you can ask Luci, daddy always keeps his promises)…but for now…go through your day….observe the things you do…your reactions to situations….during down times…during busy times…and especially during those times when you are oblivious (you know kinda like when you are driving down the road and have no clue what you have passed…you know what im talkin about)…and remember..all of that stuff is the “I” in the experiement…you the scientist are in third person…just OBJECTIVELY OBSERVING….and be like Einstein in the picture…..with a smile…

That’s all for now…BE HAPPY

2 thoughts on “What is a scientist?

  1. If we were implicating quantum thought, would it be fair to say that in order to truly understand our form of “reality” is to observe the interaction between mind and matter? I would have to concede that we, as human beings, ie microscopic quarks/matter, share properties of every other microscopic element in this universe. If we look at ourselves as lets say micro matter, and the universe as macro matter, I would have to say our actions and free will concurrently affect that of the micro matters role. Einstein, yes, fueled and laid a foundation for quantum theory…yet he did not accept that theory was a complete theory. He in fact thought the idea was absurd that this physical reality on a quantum level could be left to chance. Even saying, “God doesn’t play dice.” Now, don’t take me the wrong way here Uncle, as you know we are on the same page, and you are the fuel for an absolute change from that bottom I came away from. I respect your insight and philosophy, and just joining your experiment here. I do believe, from my readings, that Einstein was a genius in his foundation, yet was too young in evolution to understand our physical reality in a limited technological forthcoming.
    Mind over matter, your exactly right, and in my experiment I would have to say humans are more prone to learning through generations, then actually teaching themselves. Its like test in school, most will cram and “remember” what they need to know. A vast few “teach” themselves, rather then being thought. If you accredit that philosophy to everyday life, its easy to understand why things are the way they are in this world. Its easier to input what’s right in front of you, rather then think how its even there in the first place. So, what is the difference? Belief or Truth? Does belief to some become truth? Its fair to say religion in our world claim to be based on truth, so are we saying that faith is truth, not logic? How much of this truth in our brain is based on our upbringing, our culture, and our own senses? Belief, faith, opinion are all the same, and are portrayed as our “common” truth in this world, but again that is ONLY my opinion. I wont swerve to far into this subject, but yet leave it to thought. My point in my own experience is to not take what someone tells you, yet use your own MIND of Matter, as Matt has invited you to join, and learn to use your brain for yourself, because diversity of thought and BELIEF, really makes us who we are individually and collectively as a society living TOGETHER as one world. The mind is a tricky thing, and once you learn to think outside the box and use it the right way, you will be happy. Everyone is different, and different things work for people. Whatever that is, use it, but don’t be afraid to expand your mind and logic. Understanding who I am and even more what I am, far exceeds who I was, or where I was going.
    My uncle is a smart man, and may be indeed laying a foundation as many before him to objectively observe yourself, as you never have before. It’s a footstep in the right direction, and I fully support your endeavor Matt, as I’m sure many others do. It was a hard thing for me to unravel my upbringing of “truth” and get a grasp on my own thought, something I didn’t understand until recently. And most importantly will continue to teach myself. Dig it Matt , keep it coming!


    • Great comment JJ…and thanks for the support…the beauty of this experiment is that its a work in progress for each person that takes part…i look forward to your observations!!


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